VITE Vision and Mission Statement

VITE is the sole national teacher training institute providing training to over 300 candidates. Based in Malapoa, Port Vila we currently offer Cert.IV in Vocational Education and Training Teaching, and plan to offer the Cert.IV in Early Childhood Care and Teaching, the In-service Diploma in Primary Teaching, the Bachelor of Education in Primary and Secondary Teaching in 2021 onwards.

As an initial step in VITE’s reform agenda and as a starting point for strategic planning, the VITE staff reviewed their overall purpose and goals and from this generated new vision and mission statements more in line with future planning. These statements were approved by VITE Council in October 2014 and are as follows:


Our vision is to become Vanuatu’s Centre of excellence in teacher education and to produce teachers as leaders who will be equipped to learn and serve local communities using information and communication technology and international best practice.


Our mission is to

  • produce quality teachers
  • provide quality training and learning to the community
  • Tpromote an effective and supportive environment
  • enhance technological support to the community
  • engage in educational research activities

Our values

Professional values for teachers are measured according to valuable characteristics like

  • being responsible, fair, faithful, trustful,
  • having the right attitudes, integrity, respect for others and self,
  • display honesty, diligence, loyalty, cooperation, justice, commitment,
  • display effective teaching procedures,
  • use appropriate assessment and tools for the students and
  • professional conduct of behaviour.

These are reflected across all of the Professional Standards and are fundamental to all registered teachers regardless of post.

VITE Institutional Graduate Profile

Unlike the vision and mission statement, our graduate profile defines and specifies our core set of cognitive, personal, and interpersonal competencies that graduates should have when they graduate from VITE. Co-created with input from key stakeholders, as well as being guided from Delores Pillars of Learning, this profile is a clear visualization of priority goals for teaching and learning that can be easily communicated to trainers, parents, departments, and staff to align their collective efforts. Below are our four (4) sets of our Institute Graduate Profiles.


Learning to Know

A knowledgeable, reactive and skilled teacher with creative thinking.


Learning to Do

A reflective and productive teacher who uses current best teaching and learning practices.


Learning to Be

A committed, passionate, ethical and responsible teacher who is willing to learn and to innovate.


Learning to Live Together

A teacher who is able to work and apply professional principles and values to their work and community.

Training Services Overview

Early Childhood Care and Teaching.
We offer training for Early Childhood teachers. Currently we offer the Certificate IV qualification from 2021, but we plan to offer the Diploma and the Bachelor qualification in the future.

Click here to view the Certificate IV in Education ECCT program structure.

Vocational Education and Training Teaching.
We offer training for teacher of Vocational Education and Training.

Click here to view the Certificate IV in Education (VET Teaching) program structure.

We offer, through our in-service unit, professional development workshops for current teachers in the field. We also offer the In-Service Diploman in Education qualification for primary teachers.

Click here to view the Inservice Diploma In Education for primary program structure.

Online Learning.
We offer selected courses online through Moodle. The modes of delivery vary, however: fully online, print, or blended mode.

If you are already registered, you can access our Moodle page and login with your user name and password.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
We offer the services for RPL. RPL can be awarded to candidates for prior formal learning, for prior work and life experience, and for a combination of these.

Click here to view the RPL Procedures.

Primary Teaching.
We offer training for teachers of primary schools in Year 1 to Year 6. We currently offer the Bacherlor qualification

Click here to view the Bachelor of Education Primary Teaching program structure.

Secondary Teaching.
We offer training for teachers of secondary schools for Year 7 up to year 13. We currently offer the Bachelor qualification. In the secondary program there are various options for the different majors. Click the links below to veiw the different major combinations.

Cross Credit (Credit Transfer).
We provide academic support counselling for interested Cross Credit candidates. Cross Credit is a special case of recognition of prior learning.

Click here to view the Cross Credit procedure.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN).
We provide LLN assessment and support to canditates to ensure they meet the minimum required LLN competencies before they begin their program.

Click here to view the LLN information.


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Recognition of Prior Learning

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