Bachelor of Education, Secondary Teaching: Language Foreign and Language Second

The Bachelor of Education in Secondary Teaching (BEd Secondary) is a four year program. Unlike the primairy program, the secondary program is further classified into Majors or Combinatios. Currently, we offer 12 combinations:

There is a total of 30 courses altogether for the Language Foreign-Language Second program, including 2 practicums. In order to pass the program, candidates must obtain a total of 480 credit points. Candidates who successfully complete this program will be able to teach in any secondary school in Vanuatu from year 7 to year 13. The courses for the BEd Secondary Teaching Language Foreign-Language Second Program are listed below. Click on each link to view a brief description of the course.

Click here to see the full BEd Secondary Language Foreign-Language Second Program structure.

Program Courses (30 Courses, 480cpt)