About the Simeliu Libary The Simeliu Library is at the heart of the Institute, and boasts a large collection of French and English resources, a modern security system and an electronic cataloguing system. Two qualified librarians work full time.

Purpose.. The Simeliu Library provides dynamic access to information resources and services to VITE staff and trainees and the community. The Library's role is to support the teaching and learning, research and service of the Institute by undertaking:
- information provision and delivery
- information literacy development

Who can use the library.. The primary users of Simeliu are the trainees and staff of VITE. However, the library is open to the community and the following people are encouraged to use the library's resources within the library:
- School teachers
- High school students
- Education administrators
- Policy makers
- Curriculum development officers

During semesters in which they are enrolled in USP extension courses trainees have full access to the Emalus Library. Trainees attending the Alliance Française are encouraged to make use of its free lending library for books, videos and CDs and to consult newspapers and magazines on site.

IT Services: Computer Lab & Internet Trainees also have access to the computers in the two computer labs provided by the IT section. One computer lab is located within the Simelius library and has a French Operating System with French keypbards. The other computer lab is located on the top-floor of the administration building with an English Operating System with English keyboards. Trainees can use these computer labs to type their assignments and access information and research-related assignments on the internet. Procedures for using the computers in the computer labs  will be provided to new trainees at the beginning of the semester.

Wireless facility is also provided by the VITE IT services. Trainees who have labtops can access the network provided that the IT department has configured their labtops appropriately, and granted them the appropriate priviledges.

The Studay Room.. The study room must be booked through the library. Bookings made first have priority. Please plan before-hand.

The study room can be used for:
   Institute functions
   Occasional teaching
   Video screenings
   Small group discussions

Trainee & Staff Borrowing.. Borrowing is restricted to staff and trainees of VITE. Please follow the borrowing rules below:
- You may borrow from the non-fiction, fiction and periodical collections.
- There is a limit of 15 items that one may borrow at any one time, including all class textbooks required for in-class learning during semester.
- The borrowing period is 2 weeks. One may renew the item if it is not required by another person. Books in high demand or at a lecturer request may be recalled early.
- Items from the Reference, Reserve, Pacific Collection, and vertical files must not leave the library building under any circumstances, unless prior arrangement is made with the library staff.
- Closed reserve material, Pacific Collection and the vertical file collection may be accessed via library staff and read in the library only.
- Staff and trainees must return all library items two weeks before the end of the academic year. Caution fees may be forfeited.